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Headlines for Global Warming


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Climate Symphony

Building autarkic, vegan, versatile, multi-cultural communities, that are inter-connected with one another and others,
and strive to solve mankind’s biggest challenges like climate change and disrespect

Climate Symphony continuously works on serving and improving society by

A1 • Building self-sustaining/autarkic, vegan, versatile, multi-cultural communities of basically six to twelve people
A2 • Interconnecting them with one another and possibly other groups
A3 • Focussing on the individual: what is each person’s need, his/her inner nature, how can we support each other
A4 • Solving interpersonal struggles - support everyone’s freedom (as per astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), this is one of the biggest challenges for people living and/or working together, especially in tight space, Wikipedia article 'stress': 'All the conditions necessary for murder are met if you shut two men in a cabin measuring 18 feet by 20 and leave them together for two months.')
A5 • Showing that it is possible to live with love and respect for one another and for all of earth’s creatures

A6 • Involving experts in each area like GP’s, engineers, scientists, technicians, politicians, teachers etc.
A7 • Supporting culture, religion, art, science etc. - establishing and maintaining a worldwide cultural program 24/7
A8 • Striving to make permanent self-sustaining autarkic life and habitation possible on land and on moving vessels like caravans, ships and in air & space (including creating gravity); moving between the different living environments
A9 • Preserving the entire world knowledge (estimated approx. 300 Exabytes; 1000 Terabytes = approx. 1 Petabyte, 1000 Petabytes = approx. 1 Exabyte - Terabytes, Gigabytes, & Petabytes: How Big Are They? - - All the Digital Data In the World Is Equivalent to One Human Brain - By 2007, 94% of the world's info was digital - - How much information is there in the world? Scientists calculate the world's total technological capacity - University of Southern California -
A10 • Climate Heroes - - will present people and institutions we know about who actively strive to solve climate change and its problems

How to Participate - Current Positions to be Established

P1 • Programming - C Linux security - webdesign HTML CSS JavaScript PHP Assembly Awk etc. - building a secure social network for Terasof and Climate Symphony like Facebook - collecting and organizing all of world's knowledge on 300 exabytes
P2 • Scientific and technical practice - Electronics Arduino Math Calculus Physics Chemistry Biology etc.
P3 • Autarkic living - farming, keeping of animals, weaving, tailoring, pottery etc.
P4 • Services like housekeeping, cooking, child care, home schooling etc. - Master Degrees Freie Universität Berlin (FU) - 1,000 core topics - Wikipedia
P5 • Medical and psychological services - including religious work, philosophy, tradition and culture etc.

P6 • Entertainment, culture, art, sports, wellness, media productions etc. - worldwide cultural program 24/7
P7 • Governance and justice, defense and criminal conviction, social security etc.
P8 • Building autarkic duplicable spaceships, ships, motorhomes, houses, gardens etc. - accomplishing zero waste - including gravity solutions, anti-matter power units, nuclear fusion to build different atoms from hydrogen in space (1 atom per cubic meter), using them to build anything via the world knowledge on 300 Exabytes
P9 • Management business etc.

Headlines for Global Warming

Listen to Bruckner Symphony No 4 Celibidache Münchner Philharmoniker 1983 Herkulessaal Live ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Global temperature record - Wikipedia

Possible Climate Heroes:    McPherson Saddington Thierry Savory Niinistö    Gore Musk DiCaprio Obama Meissner    Dalai_Lama Pope Terasof Greta_Thunberg You ...

In May 2016 we started dedicating our life to climate change. About two years into research and collecting information we finally realized that neither politicians nor citizens are reacting to climate change in order to actually prevent earth's climate collapse. This will most likely result in the extinction of the human race and possibly all life on earth for about 30 million years until life might recover again. Guy McPherson predicts a global collapse for approx. 2018/2019 and the last surviving humans at the end of 2025.

We have collected notes and conclusions on how to react on Ultimate Plan. Our new website will present initiatives, platforms, people and institutions fighting climate change. And here is a very short list of activities we may recommend to everyone eager to support action 24/7 against climate change:

RS (research) MIG (migration) SP (spirit) MY (mysticism) L (love)    CY (community) AT (autarkism) VG (vegan) SH (ship) AD (advertisement)    PRG (Terasof program)

Climate Symphony will soon present cultural programs 24/7 including works of art, lyrics, musical compositions, animated films, movies, games and much more to inspire and motivate confronting climate change with all our love and best effort

* * * * * * *

After more than 2 years of dedicating our every day life to GW (global warming), starting 2016/5, we finally learned that neither politicians nor citizens are reacting in a proper way to prevent earth's climate collapse and consequently promt extinction of human race, and most likely all life on earth for about 30 million years to recover and renew life - and even it may have been the last time that earth could render possible life. Guy McPherson predicts a global collaps for about the 30th of September 2018 ± some weeks, at best months for most of humanity, with the last possible surviving humans for latest until the end of 2025.

Our conclusions how to react are clearly represented at our website Ultimate Plan - and on our new site we will inform about the best activities meanwhile happening on the international platform. Here a short summerized list of all activities we recommend to everyone and support 24/7:

RS (research) MIG (migration) SP (spirit) MY (mysticism) L (love)    CY (community) AT (autarkism) VG (vegan) SH (ship) AD (advertisement)    PRG (Terasof program)

On this site - Climate Symphony - we will soon offer you works of art combined with lyrics and musical compositions, animations, films, games and much more to inspire for the right action and motivation to confront climate change with all our love and best efforts ♡


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